How to ShopNShip from USA, UK and SA to Zambia easily

We are all getting busier and with less time to do any shopping (in person) of sorts, and more of us are looking to online platforms to easily get what they need in the shortest time, and at less shipping and delivery costs. These alternatives are even better if operating within the region you live in, so I found an alternative in Zambia with Tigmoo’s ShopNShip service.

Here’s how it works. Through Shop N Ship, customers in Zambia can buy good from premium sites like Amazon, eBay, Macy’s, etc. To begin, you need to create an account at Tigmoo Shop n Ship, then access one of 4 types of its services; either Express, Standard, Freight or Route Delivery services.

Express Delivery

You can order goods online from USA, UK and South Africa and put the Tigmoo ShopNShip address in that location as your own. When Tigmoo ShopNShip receives the package, they then deliver it to you at your preferred place and time. Shipping takes 4 to 5 days from when a package gets to the ShopNShip address.

Standard Delivery

Works the same as Express Delivery except the processing and shipping takes 7 to 15 business days.

Freight Delivery

ShopNShip also deals with larger freight transporting and can move goods around the world, both import and export.

Route Delivery

There is also the service of countrywide movement of goods by road through carriers from any part of Zambia. ShopNShip can also arrange road freight pickups for other parts of South Africa or Zambia if you request it.

To get more information on prices and more you can send mail to enquiries@tigmoo.com or make a call on 0971269390.


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