Atlas Mara and SunStream Energy partner on solar tech to help SMEs tackle loadshedding

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) must keep their business activities going amidst disruptive power deficits by investing in affordable solar energy solutions, SunStream Energy Vice President for Operations, Jason Madura, has advised.

Mr Madura said SMEs were the engine for growth and needed seamless operations to grow into larger companies. He said SunStream Energy, a US-based company, had recognised the need to use breakthrough technology that eliminates fragile electronics all other solar chargers require, which makes its solar products relatively cheaper and affordable.

“In a county where there are problems with power and where some people don’t have access to it, SunStream products can help people and small businesses keep going, charge their phones and perform financial transactions using mobile technology,” he said.

Mr Madura said his company’s philosophy centred on providing affordable solar products to increase accessibility of alternative energy solutions.

“The cost of alternative energy is an issue in many countries but we have ensured that our products are rightly priced. Because of the way we manufacture our products, we are providing them cheaper, and we are exploring ways of producing them for a lot less here in Zambia, which will give us an opportunity to keep prices lower,” he said.

SunStream Vice President for Operations, Jason Madura (left) and World Panel Zambia chairman Jacob Sikazwe display one of the portable solar panel on the product range.

In recent weeks, SunStream Energy, in association with its local distribution partner World Panel Zambia and Atlas Mara bank, have donated more than 100,000
assorted solar kits worth US$2 million to the Esther Lungu Foundation Trust and various government ministries namely Health, General Education, Tourism and Arts, as well as Community Development and Social Services.

The company has also worked with the government of Tanzania to distribute solar equipment to rural schools.

Source: Atlas Mara (Zambia)