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How to send cash from Barclays Bank to Airtel Money accounts

Airtel Zambia and Barclays Bank Zambia have partnered to enable vcash transfers between bank accounts and mobile money wallets for customers.

To do this, Barclays account holders should dial *229# and enter their pin:

Credit: Matongo Maumbi

Then proceed to choose option ‘2. Mobile Money‘:

Credit: Matongo Maumbi

Afterwards they can choose the network operator with which the mobile money account is held with, in this case ‘1. Airtel Money‘:

Credit: Matongo Maumbi

There are 2 options whether to send the money to the user’s own mobile money account, or to another person’s:

Credit: Matongo Maumbi

After this senders and the recipient will receive confirmations of the transfer. That’s pretty much it.

MTN Zambia also partnered on the same transfer service recently. Zamtel have just launched the Kwacha mobile money service so we’re yet to see which financial institutions they will partner with in coming months.


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2 thoughts on “How to send cash from Barclays Bank to Airtel Money accounts

  • That is really very convenient service for Zambians, who wish to do any online transaction urgently or looking for a reliable & quick way to transfer money to their own family or friends who are in the need of it urgently. It’s even more useful there due to the poor internet speed.

  • I have recieved money from Barclay’s accounts to my mobile phone but can’t cash it what is the process,because it keeps saying authentication failed

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