MTN, I never signed up for this!


So yesterday enjoying my fast MTN connection as my other ISP was down and it was all good in the hood, I received a text from a number I don’t communicate with: 505.

The message was telling me of a loss I had incurred, a loss that I had cleverly avoided as I HAD NOT SIGNED UP FOR ANY SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE! Especially a weekly recurring one.

Just like that, K1.57 was taken from me, with me hurriedly sending a STOP message in distress. MTN seemed to understand, sending me back 2 reassuring messages that indeed, I was unsubscribed, as you can see here:


What to do? Should I claim back what may be thought a small amount? I asked an MTN customer service agent to help, but they responded with “But you’ve already unsubscribed.” Morale to fight fell.

If you know how valuable Browse 4 Eva is (or how confusing Vinni found it) then you know K1.57 is a whole lot to part with. At 0.03ngwee per MB, I could have seen at least 20 pictures on Instagram! *sigh*

Anyone else out there getting deductions for subscription services? Let me know below.


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