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2 Steps to protect your Cloud from being hacked


So you got registered for  a cloud service because you need a backup incase you accidentally deleted all your phone’s data or lost it right? But how can you make sure what stays in your cloud stays there, without going viral on social media due to hackers.

Regardless of what cloud service you’re using, they all almost work the same. They store all your data on a  remote server but the fact that it’s a cloud means it can be hacked from anywhere in the world, whether iCloud, Dropbox.

Here are a the 2 most important steps to protecting yourself from attack in the cloud arena:

Create a strong password: The lousier and more predictable your password is, the easier it is for anyone to hack your cloud service. Avoid simple ones like 1234 or LOVE (no matter where your heart is at) and go with a stronger longer password. Also get an application that’s a password locker. It will save your passwords, only giving you, and only you, access to them incase you forget them. To make this even better feel free to change your password(s)as often as you can, just to tighten your cloud’s security.


Ensure you have 2-step authentication going on: This authentication simply allows you to retrieve you password on a trusted device that you normally use such as a phone. Any attempts made to log into your account by an unidentified source are immediately reported to your phone so you can monitor what’s going on in your cloud, giving you time to log out or change the password. The message you get by other means like SMS or email, will ask you for a code that only you know to ensure it actually is you trying to log into your cloud. So just make sure you activate it in your various clouds’ settings if it has the option.


There you have it. No more embarrassing nudes being flung everywhere, celebrity or not. Wait, who are you even sending nudes to anyway? That’s illegal!

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