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Why your Headsets Keep Breaking!!


We live in a generation where headsets are guarded like the Holy Grail of the mobile device world. I should know, I feel lost without them stuck in my ear blazing my favorite dancehall beats, but the agony and rage that I feel when they break or stop working on one side is enough to make you depressed.

So, what causes the break in headsets and what can you do to stop it? Well, the most obvious answer is to take care of them (duh!).


1. The wrap: How many times do you wrap your headsets around your phone or tablet when you’re not using them just so they are easier to manage? Truth is, when you wrap them you create weak points around them that eventually break. Imagine a thin piece of wire (because that’s what headsets have inside). Now imagine bending that wire over and over again. It will eventually break right? Case and point.

2. The body yanker: Another reason we suffer headset loss is how we may almost always forget to remove them if we’re moving our bodies. Sometimes we forget we have them plugged into our ears and may get up too fast, yanking the headsets out of our ears. The internal wiring may be subjected to a strong tug that could weaken them and thus we end up with either headsets that make a crackling sound or just work on one side. Who wants to listen to music in one ear?!

3. The shove or throw: By a show of comments, (because saying “hands” would be absurd of me), how many of you are guilty of just throwing or shoving them into your bag or pocket? That’s bad for your headsets. The wiring gets tangled and over time weakens it, causing it to break at points.

4. Umutengo (the price): How much did your headsets cost? Cheap is expensive they say. It’s true. They may be very cheap and may play sound well but the thing is, most cheap headsets are not meant to last long or even survive extreme handling or volume of media files being played. Some may last a little longer if you take care of them but it’s always good to  invest a little more for quality. They may be worth your hard earned Kwachas.


Feel free to add on some more tips you may have in the comments area.

Picture credits: CultOfMac, LifeHacker, Cheezburger



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