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Hai has peering agreement with Netflix for Zambia

Source: Hai Facebook page
Source: Hai Facebook page

Hai have a peering agreement with Netflix, meaning that all content streamed on Hai broadband “comes directly from Netflix all the way to your device – no middlemen, no bottlenecks.”

Peering is the process where two networks agree to exchange data traffic. Hai’s peering is done with Netflix servers in South Africa and the ultimate beneficiary is the end customer in Zambia.

With the data not having to traverse additional networks, the data from the streaming service gets to subscribers much quicker. It helps Netflix by ensuring that the end customer gets a good service by excluding middle-men.

Peering arrangements will not cost either party anything but will give access to each other’s customers.


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One thought on “Hai has peering agreement with Netflix for Zambia

  • Mushinka Mazyambe

    Interesting development. Hai telecoms have come with a serious bang. i’ve scheduled a meeting with them this week, and if set up as additional ISP for my org, this would be an added advantage for getting on board, if they impress further.

    All in all, good move.

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