Hai doubles their FTTH internet speeds!

Image Credit: Hai

It looks like we have a runner here with Hai as they doubled their headline speeds for their Fibroniks Home packages; Basic Essentials, Family Entertainment, Modern Family and Power Pack, without changing the prices at all!

Here are the speeds headlined before: IMG-20160202-WA0001

and here are the speeds now: IMG-20160202-WA0000

The upload and download speeds are or are nearly double what they were offering before so this should be great news for all subscribers who will still pay the same amounts but for faster connectivity.

You can read their usage policies here.


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3 thoughts on “Hai doubles their FTTH internet speeds!

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  • What about WiMax? No specific mention of it on their website. I live in Chelston and FTTH is not available yet. On the phone, I was told their WiMax is capable of 10 Mbps, but in the quotation they sent me, it only speaks of 1536 Kbps. Why should I get this, when MTN 4G is capable of 10 Mbps and more. I have an MTN router and just yesterday, I was downloading a movie at 10 Mbps.

  • Donald McGregor

    I hope this is true.
    Will go for the Family Entertainment package then.
    First I will try go get a visa for 1 year for zambia.

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