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Google’s Android One software is now in Africa

Hot 2 - Image Source: Infinix
Hot 2 – Image Source: Infinix

Last year, Google launched Android one, with the knowledge that almost everyone globally is accessing information through their mobile devices, and identifying the need to make this access much cheaper and easier for all, especially for people in developing countries.

Android One is Google’s first generation cross-platform operating system.Google provides the software, and delivers it to partner mobile device manufacturers, and this time Africa has gotten its own dose with the introduction of the program on phone maker Infinix‘s Hot 2 smartphone.ekdmlf4


It has been created with Google specifications and Caesar Sengupta, who is Google’s VP of Product Management gave these features of the Hot 2 on Official Android blog  as follows:

It has a quad-core MediaTek processor with 1GB memory, dual SIM support, and comes in black, white, red, blue, and gold (with 2GB memory) models.

The hardware is based on Android Lollipop 5.1.1 platform and Google says it will provide up to 2 times better performance and extended battery features.

Google will also be offering a thinner or ‘lite’ version of Google Search with low RAM devices in mind, to offer  faster search service by up to 90%.

Suits the motherland, doesn’t it? It is also selling for around $90 (approx. K734) which is not too shabby for a smartphone with its specs. Google is planning to somewhat bring the cost of all Android One operated phones to the $50 mark.

The platform also has an offline YouTube functionality that allows users save videos from YouTube for about 24hours to watch offline. In my mind I am counting the number of times I access videos at work using WiFi but don’t have the time or data to stream them at home.

Right now the Hot 2 running Android one is available in Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Egypt, Kenya and Morocco.

The Hot 2’s selling points are that it has dual SIM functionality, replaceable battery and an FM radio.

Google also said that ‘By working closely with phone and silicon chip makers to share reference designs and select components, we’re making it easier for our partners to build phones that are not just great to use, but also affordable. They have lots of processing power, so you can get information quickly. They have high-quality front- and rear-facing cameras. And for all those pictures, along with your apps and videos, Android One phones will have expandable storage’.

If this program is a success in the developing world it may just increase access to the internet, which opens up a whole new world of possibility and innovation from people in those areas.


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One thought on “Google’s Android One software is now in Africa

  • Mbuyu Lucas Makayi

    I like that Google is pushing for developing countries to have access to the latest technology available through their Android One program in terms of getting the latest version of Android. Cheap Android phones don’t get updates but with this approach it’s win win for Google, the hardware manufacturers and their customers.

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