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Gadget of the day; Robohon

There can be only one Robohon

When is a smartphone no longer smart enough to impress? Or been gizmo’ed out, what do you do? Go beyond smart and introduce a radical concept. I found on the inter-web THE upgrade from a smartphone, Robohon. Robohon is a truly mobile phone with additional wizardry built in it.

Robohon is a concept smartphone developed and built by Sharp. The smartphone was Sharp’s big pitch at the CEATEC consumer electronics show in Tokyo. Robohon is an animated, walking, talking, projecting smartphone, I suggest the term robo-phone or maybe genius-phone because smart just does not cut it.

As a phone Robohon does fall flat on its face but as a multi-talented personal assistant it beats Siri hands down (I could not resist). A few of the practical uses for Robohon are demonstrated in the video below. I did think about practical, must have ways to use this amazing concept and the following popped into my mind:

For use by the elderly who are not tech savy. Robohon will remove the requirement for a tech learning curve and your grandparents will be able to interact with it much like they do with another person including feeding copious amounts of food or electricity in this case.

People with physical disabilities due to trauma or old age e.g arthritis where it is impossible to use a smartphone or a feature phone. The projected screen and the text to audio translation will make communication easy. For the deaf community Robohon could further translate voice messages into text to be projected onto a wall and if it is close to magic, it could project your video with sub-titles!

Enjoy Robohon!