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Fibre’s Hitting Home With CEC Liquid Telecom’s FTTH

Image Source: TechMoran

After recently announcing plans to expand their fibre footprint in southern Zambia by connecting Lusaka to Victoria Falls in Livingstone, CEC Liquid Telecom has gone on to introduce a Fibre To The Home service (FTTH) that will allow ordinary people have access to fast internet services delivered straight to their home. The best part of this FTTH connection is that the users in a home can access it on several devices at the same time.

The speeds on this platform will reach 100mbps, some of the fastest speeds this side of the world. Are we excited? You know this!

In partnership with energy giant Copperbelt Energy Corporation (CEC), the FTTH service is scheduled to be done by the end of 2015, initially being made available in Lusaka covering the Rhodes Park, Northmead, Long Acres, Sunningdale and Kabulonga, according to Liquid Telecom’s press site. The number of users is estimated to be available to 8, 000 homes in the first phase.

The investment in this FTTH project is valued at $15 million and will be sold through CEC Liquid Telecoms’ trusted resellers. The expansion will continue and will target up to 20, 000 homes by the end of the year.


  • faster connectivity compared to other coaxial cable or DSL (digital subscriber lines) connections.
  • may be offered at competitive prices
  •  the FTTH technology generally has unlimited bandwidth capacity, which is most wanted lately.
  • it allows for multiple OTT usage e.g, VoIP, messaging, streaming, at the same time, without slowing down on the same fibre line, unlike other internet technology that handles the different uses over different internet lines.
  • It will support future technological advances as technology seems to be increasing in internet demand and capabilities.

 FTTH will obviously work using the GPON (gigabit passive optical network) so the only thing CEC Liquid Telecoms will have to consider is how they arrange their splitter points across the country, to enable multiple end-point usage effectively.

We can not wait to test this FTTH connectivity and we hope it remains consistent over the years in terms of quality of service (QoS).



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