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Fake Me a Call on Android, for when you need to really leave!


Ever been in an uncomfortable situation so bad you need a way to get out? You need Fake Me a Call.

Boring date? You need Fake Me a Call.

Your kids are annoying? You need Fake Me a Call

Met an old friend you have nothing to talk about with? You need Fake Me a Call


What this app does is fake a call to you, using a timer of your choice, from 5 seconds to a customized time, giving you a the best time of when to fake. You can even create up to two fake names and numbers (more in the PRO version) to go with the call so that it looks like a legit call when your phone rings. You can add an image of the caller if you really want to go all out in making the fake call seem ‘real’.


There is a choice of 6 caller screens that are typical of most Android phones so you can choose the one similar to the type that your phone has. The app has a proximity sensor so your screen will black out when you bring the phone closer to your ear, just like it will when a real call comes.

The call will use the same ringtone you have set for your ordinary phone calls or you can choose your own. When you pick up -this is where the app gets interesting- you can pre-record a ‘response’ on the other end so that the person or people you’re trying to run away from think there’s actually someone on the other end, just like it sounds when you’re having a normal phone call. Awesome right?

The best part is, it woks even when there’s no network coverage in an area you’re in. Also, when you download the app it is saved as ‘FMC’ so nobody else who doesn’t have the app will figure out its use, but just keep your phone away from nosy people.

It’s the perfect way to escape situations whilst being (or appearing) polite, and it’s free in the Google Play Store. Download it here.

Image Credit: Google Play Store


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