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Facebook Messenger’s Hidden Basketball Game

Sending the basketball emoji can enable a secret mini-game between you and a friend. I’ve only tried this on Android. Not so sure about iOS and Windows (do they even have Messenger?).

To start, just locate the basketball emoji (copy and paste ?, if you can’t find it), send it to a friend and click it to start the game.

You’ll get a basketball placed in various locations on your screen, and all you have to do just swipe up (and in the direction of the hoop) to shoot. The goal is to see who can get the most baskets in consecutively. My current score is 11.

Daryl's Highscore (At the time of writing this post)
Daryl’s Highscore (At the time of writing this post)

That’s not all! After 10 points, the backboard starts moving. And apparently, when you reach 20 points (I haven’t yet), the backboard moves faster!

That’s how I spent the rest of my Friday afternoon, shooting hoops on my phone.

Share your highest score in the comments below (Screenshots or it didn’t happen!).