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Facebook Launches Facebook At Work. No, Really.


Some companies have Facbook blocked at their offices “to encourage productivity” but now it seemes they may have to unblock it because Facebook has introduced Facebook At Work, a service targeted at the workforce to enable them communicate with each other.

Facebook at Work, (dubbed FB@Work) has to be downloaded by a particular company for use among its employees. non-employees can not access that particular social network as it is restricted only the company that creates the profile.

Employees that sign up will have to use their Facebook accounts to set it up but not have to worry about their details being shared with their employer. Also, they can switch between their Facebook At work accounts and the normal one.

It is separate from the personal accounts Facebook users but works like Groups on Facebook in the way .  Once downloaded on mobile iOS or Android phones from the Apple and Google Play stores respectively, Facebook At Work will act  as a social network only for that company’s employees.

The concern here is how much company data and information Facebook will have control over and how willing companies will be to trust Facebook’s servers to withhold this information over secure networks.

A Facebook spokesperson was quoted as saying, “the information employees share there is ‘safe, secure, confidential and completely separate from their personal Facebook profile.'” 

There is no news of how Facebook will monetize Facebook At Work, as there are reports the app will not have ads running on it like the main Facebook platform does. In the future will expect the app itself will be paid for one though.

There is no official pictures also of what the app looks like exactly but as soon as we have access we will do a review of it.

For now tell you can have a smirk all day at work because your bosses may decide to remove the cap on Facebook and grant you access.

We just wonder if the app will be a hit. considering most work places have chat groups on social messengers like Whatsapp and BBM or don’t mind using emails. We can only wait and see when the app is fully rolled out.

You can more details here from the Facebook team.


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