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Dropbox mobile now lets you work on entire folders offline


If you use the Pro, Business or Enterprise (basically paid for) version of Dropbox you can now work on entire folders on the go without being connected to mobile data or WiFi, thanks to popular demand from your fellow users.

You can tag an entire folder to be synced to your phone or tablet and not go one document at a time as before, and when there’s internet connection your device will then automatically sync the changes you have made.

To make your folders available for offline viewing from the Android app

  • Browse to the folder you’d like to make available for offline viewing.
  • From the folder list, tap the downward arrow to the right of the folder name.
  • Toggle the switch to make the folder Available offline.
  • Once a folder is available offline and is downloaded to your phone or tablet, you can access it any time. To access the file, tap Offline from the main menu.

Go to the ‘Settings’ tab of Dropbox to manage ‘Offline’ modes:

  • Tap the menu button on the top left. 
  • Tap the gear icon.
  • Scroll down to the Offline section.

(Instructions Source: Dropbox Help Center)

This will be rolled out to the Android version of Dropbox and then iOS by early next year.



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