FYI: Airtel Zambia Pulls Unlimited Data Bundle Off the Market


Consider yourself very lucky if you bought the unlimited data bundle from Airtel Zambia yesterday because it is no longer being offered as of today. Consider yourself even luckier if you subscribed to the month-long unlimited bundle because you will be one of the few to enjoy it for the next 30 days!

People definitely grew fond of the bundle as it proved to be very convenient and in some cases cheaper than what the other telecoms were offering. The unlimited bundle was so unique that people thought it wasn’t real. There have been no changes from MTN Zambia and Zamtel to the data portals. Nonetheless, you can find data comparison tables for all three telecoms in a previous post we did.

Meanwhile, the updated Airtel Zambia internet data bundle prices are as follows:

Data Bundle Amount (K)
20 MB 3.15
200 MB 20
800 MB 100
10 MB 5.25
25 MB 12.08
50 MB 21
100 MB 36.75
250 MB 78.75
500 MB 110.25
1 GB 131.25
1.5 GB 157.5
2 GB 194.25
4 GB 367.5
6 GB 525
10 GB 840
20 GB 1260