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Dropbox introduces faster Streaming Sync for Desktop


We know cloud services are important these days where file exchanges are highly important. We already know how Dropbox works, or you can find out here.

Dropbox basically lets you back up your files online to your Dropbox account which you can access wherever you are in the world and even allow you to share with other people in form of links, then the recipient can download the folder you have sent.

Now Dropbox will roll out  a new feature where you can share your files faster with Streaming Sync on it desktop platform, up to 2 times faster than before for files larger than 16MB. Before this new feature you had to first upload a file before it could be downloaded on other end, but now files can be uploaded and downloaded simultaneously, and the recipient can start to view them even before entire download is done.

According to Dropbox’s blog, this is how much faster syncing will now be:


Dropbox promises that the previously slower synchronization speeds between devices are now a thing of the past, giving other cloud storage services.

In addition, the new update will also feature a menu bar that shows all other activities happening within Dropbox as you upload, share or download files.

The new feature will be rolled out in coming weeks so keep your heads up.

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