The Droiders Are Coming, Be Very Scared Apple!

Android One Specs Highlight
Android One Specs Highlight

Forget paying close to ZMW7, 000 for a phone, with Android One you will just need about ZMW600! All because Google is hoping to bring to Developing and Emerging Markets a solid smartphone experience for less than $100.


Google has announced an invent in India to launch the Android One phone which was announced at the last I/O in June according to mutiple sources online, including TheVerge.com. So this you can look forward to because you will easily afford the product(s) unveiled, unlike the one on September 9.


The phone was expected to launch in India with Manufacturers like Micromax, Karbonn Mobile, and Spice Mobile. What makes this story interesting is that a lot f these manufacturers already have their own versions of Android-run devices, however with Android One, the software experience experienced on High-end devices such as your latest Samsung S-something, HTC or Sony, will now be available at the fraction of the price.

With the latest stock android firmware such as KitKat, Play Auto Installs, and Automatic OS updates, Google hopes they will thwart Apple and win the bottom of the market. Much as the iPhone 5C was not meant to be cheap, this will be a game-changer and if Apple does not react or come up with a similar device then we would have confirmed that in emerging markets like Africa, they are here only for the big bucks.

Google may reveal first low cost Android One phones at September 15th event   The Verge

The phones themselves, are expected to be dual-SIM, have FM radio, adequate screen at 4.5″ and basic sensors for navigation, positioning, and enhanced handling.

On the local front, our resident analysts have noted a new shift in the device landscape. Android has been steadily increasing vs other mobile Operating Systems, in the last 3 months. Chart below shows that this change is more evidence that Makers like Huawei and Samsung have increased their brand penetration in Zambia.

Courtesy (C) StatCounter, 2014

We hope the grey market industry can pave way for genuine products with local warranties, after-sale service, and proper end-to-end support for app stores, payments and entire device eco-system. Where will the chips fall: Android or iOS (others); low cost or high-end; open-source or closed?

Image Credits: TheVerge/BusinessInsider/9to5Google/StatCounter

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