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DotCom Zambia to offer free shipping up to 1kg for customers who’ve used service before


In a Facebook post, eCommerce service platform DotCom Zambia’s founder Mawano Kambeu has announced that as a gift for December, all clients of DotCom that have shipped something through them, even once, in the past 5 years are eligible for one free shipping for goods up to 1kg during this month of December.

His post read, “Hi everyone, as you know its customer appreciation month for us at Dot Com Zambia. If you are an existing customer that has done any transaction with us over the last 5 year, we are offering free shipping up to 1KG this December. So use it to purchase a gift for a loved one or get a discount of that item you have been eyeing.”

For customers whose shipments are still in transit, their fees will be waved off up to 1kg. All other customers can only redeem one free shipping during December.

DotCom Zambia is a shipping service that allows Zambian residents to order goods online and have them shipped to one of DotCom’s international addresses (for goods that can’t directly be shipped to Zambia) and then DotCom will ship them to Zambia for their client. It has 3 international offices in the USA and UK.

Find out more about how to use DotCom Zambia here.


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