12th July 2020

Data; Who is cheaper?

Data Race

I bravely decided to conduct an online survey comparing the costs of data between our 3 operators. I will start with many disclaimers:

  1. I have only compared like for like
  2. I have excluded all vendor specific promotions
  3. All the information is based on what is listed on their websites

Whew, that out of the way, let us get to work. Firstly I had to find packages that are the same across at least two vendors and have a validity period of 7 days or less.  That in itself proved to be an exercise in who can sift finer! The result was only 2 packages met the criteria, of a maximum validity period of 7 days.

BundleAirtelMTNZamtelWho is cheaper

The * is because the MTN bundle comes with unlimited WhatsApp usage. As I can’t quantify that I only used price vs validity to come up with the cheapest bundle. If you will stretch your bundle to its full 1 week validity, then Zamtel is your network of choice.

I then looked at the packages with a period of validity greater than 7 days. Here there is a lot more symmetry between the providers allowing better price comparisons.

BundleAirtelMTN ZamtelCheaper
10GBK700.00K700.00K700.45Tie Airtel and MTN

Once again Zamtel is the cheapest data network for your mobile lifestyle. The quality and network coverage is a different discussion altogether. If all you care about are the ngwees falling out of your pocket…Go with Zamtel.

Zamtel it


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5 thoughts on “Data; Who is cheaper?

  1. No doubt Zamtel is the cheapest, but they should work on their quality of service.

  2. When it comes to making calls and internet, Zamtel is not only affordable but also provides quality service. That is why I always go for Zamtel. However, Zamtel needs to be very innovative in marketing their product.

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