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Create a one page résumé with Novorésumé


The internet went crazy after resume site Novorésumé shared a sample resume of technopreneur extraordinaire Elon Musk , CEO of Tesla Motors and SpaceX  and chairman of SolarCity with ALL his achievements as a one-pager!

elon musk's résumé
Source: Business Insider

The human resource departments  around the world must have tossed their paper piles and demanded that their job advertising agencies highlight that only one-paged résumés will be considered for jobs after seeing this one.

Novorésumé is an easy-to-use résumé site that allows you to fill in the blanks of an already made template with the most important segments employers need. The templates are free but you have to create an account to access it with you full names, date of birth and email address and create a password with it.

You can choose from one of 5 templates as shown below:


templates 2






Once you select a template, you will have a header above it that allows you to choose either Ubuntu, Raleway or Exo fonts, and select a colour as well for the coloured parts of the résumé. It also gives quick access to the segments in the résumé being your summary description of yourself, your contact details, work experience, skills , language and optionals ( which are achievements and certificates, interests and education):


You can then click on “Download” and a PDF file will be stored on your device that you can send out to potential employers.

This résumé service has been developed for juniors (students or graduates) and intermediate work professionals (1 – 5 years experience. A new set of templates for seniors (5+ years experience is ‘coming soon’).

novo template

Also, you can thank these guys for making job application a whole lot easier:

Andrei Kurtuy is the researcher and marketeer, Cristian Letai is the designer, Stefan Polexe is the web developer,
From left to right: Andrei Kurtuy – researcher and marketeer; Cristian Letai –  designer, Stefan Polexe – web developer

Sound good to you? Give it a go here.


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