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Agility at Arcarius Mexen – Staying Responsive

There are two market variables that dictate how Arcarius Mexen Web Services (AMWS) provides high-quality service – customer needs and technology trends. Both are important. Both require management. And both can sometimes change frequently. Therefore, balancing them to the customer’s benefit is central to operations. 

At the core of each customer’s needs is a desired outcome. The path to achieving it can vary throughout a project’s lifecycle. For instance, a customer’s goal could be to increase sales, and to do that, it determines that a web app can help drive engagement. Later, market changes indicate that a mobile app is more ideal. Even though the main medium of engagement has changed, the desired outcome remains the same. 

This does sometimes occur in the middle of product development. At AMWS, the goal is to serve the customer and put them first, always. As such, accommodations are made to respond to changes quickly but within reason. Returning to our example, AMWS could determine beforehand that a backend architecture be independent of media constraints. The result? The core functionality is preserved and the mobile app’s design is implemented quickly. 

What this entails is possessing keen foresight and professional intuition. The team at AMWS  comprises experienced and passionate engineers. Their expertise allows them to respond quickly to customers and they remain deeply involved in gaining clarity and proceeding in the right direction. 

“You cannot always predict what will happen during a project. But if you are nimble enough, you can respond in good time and alleviate uncertainties. And for us, working with our customers remains our priority. Knowing them and what they need is everything.” – Bertha Mwale, AWMS co-founder. 

Secondly, technology trends are something to keep an eye on. Founder Daniel Mwale admits that  “tech trends” can occur at alarming rates at times. But he has come to understand that keeping a  cool head always serves the customer best. 

“There is a place for trying new technology and in fact, you have to try new stuff out from time to  time and see what would best fit a problem domain, and by extension, a customer’s exact needs.” As such, AMWS prioritizes using familiar technology to solve new problems. Doing so allows the team to move quickly. He further adds, “Intimate knowledge of older technology that is applicable  to the current problem is preferable to trying to use a new shiny framework when it is not  necessary to do so.” 

He further clarified that new technology can mean nascent technology or technology that is mature but has not been used by the team before. In either case, adoption is weighed on the premise of what the customer needs. 

“Context is key. Sometimes, new technology seeks to resolve some problem that older technology has not addressed fully. So in staying true to our agility, we do make time to investigate the application of newer technology to domains we are already subject experts in. In fact, keeping up to date allows us to determine that sometimes, older tech is better. When newer  tech is determined to be the best path forward, we apply B.E.A.R Engineering to get acquainted  with it.” 

B.E.A.R Engineering is the engineering process used at AMWS and the next article will detail how it works. But the key takeaway is that being adept at adopting the right technology is what sets  AMWS apart. They prioritize using the correct tech stack for every problem domain in their portfolio and this keeps projects stable and focused on the problems being solved rather than the tools being used to do so. 

So there you have it. AMWS is committed to quickly responding to changing customer needs and technology trends to ensure that the desired outcome is ultimately realized.

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