Cheaper 8GB iPhone 5c Set for Launch Today


Heads up iPhone lovers because this story is as cheap as its content. Make way for the iPhone 5c which is expected to launch today at a way less cheaper price than it’s 16Gb and 32GB predecessors. Apple did not sell too many of them so this is probably a way of them trying to boost profits off of it.

iPhone 5c expected to launch today

The new 8GB iPhone 5c model will still come in various colours (white, blue, yellow, green and pink) as before and will be set to release at an estimated $707 (approx. ZMW4,350) compared to it’s 16GB brother who was sold for $791 (approx. ZMW 4860). However do note that you might not get them at this exact price  once they get to Zambia. It had us wondering whether the ‘c’ in 5c is for “cheap” or “colourful”.

A pop of colour with the iPhone 5c
A pop of colour with the iPhone 5c

You can still expect it in a plastic body, not the aluminium covers of most iPhones. Some quick specifications of the iPhone 5c are that it comes with a 1.3 GHz dual-core Apple Swift CPU, has an 8MP rear (with LED flash) and 1.2MP front camera, has 3G connectivity, comes with iOS 7  and iCloud integration. Read more here.

The move to produce a cheaper iPhone is possibly an attempt to gain market for the phone as its 16GB and 32GB models did not do so well, with more sales coming from the iPhone 5S since the release of both products. 

We wish them luck because, according to Ubergizmo, there are reports that Apple has over 3 million unsold iPhone 5c phones in storage.

However Apple has not officially confirmed that it will actually launch today.

Picture credits: Ubergizmo, GSM Arena and Engadget


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