Celebrating #GirlsInICT: Keziah Chakaba

Keziah Chakaba

For #GirlsInICT day we celebrate Keziah Chakaba, a 3rd third year student at the University of Zambia (UNZA) studying Computer Science and majoring in Software Engineering. She is also the current Vice President of the UNZA Computer Society.

She believes girls should take up technology or ICT related courses because what people have said in the past about it being a men-only course is simply not true. ICT is a major sector right now and no matter what course or career path one takes, they will still use computer technology in more than one area in their life. There is so much to learn and when it comes to ICT one is never limited to a job, there is a great opportunity to be innovative and create self-employment.

ICT learning is a great experience and it is definitely a course for every human, whether male or female, so more females should join for sure.

She adds that Computer science and technology related courses are not simply opening up computers and fixing things, why is maybe why most people, especially girls, get discouraged. It is so wide and it is in everything we do, from the cars we drive, the smart phones we use, microwaves we warm our food in and many many more.


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  • Forward we go, we only got each other. lets keep building one another and leave a landmark with our works in advocating for girls in ICTs

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