Celebrating #GirlsInICT:Lindiwe Banda

Lindiwe Banda
Lindiwe Banda


Lindiwe has 10-year work experience in the telecoms industry, with a BSc in Information and Communication Technology. She has been able to work in both the technical and commercial fields of the leading communication companies in the country. Having experience on both has given her an upper hand in the industry and continues to give her a base to understand the business better and get the best out of it.

Today, Lindiwe works for MTN Zambia driving innovation, developing communication packages and tailor-making business communication solutions for clients of various segments.

Her view on women in Tech: “We have hundreds on women in Technology in Zambia ranging from Engineering, Telecoms, Programmers et al. What we need is for them to come out and take pride in their careers and their achievements. There is a lot of work to be done in various industries in relation to technology and women being frontline drivers in a lot of other areas of their lives, they can surely score success in the advancement of technology of this nation.”

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