What Can Zambian Tech Brands Learn From the World’s Most Valuable?

Google_Brand[1]It’s not news anymore that Apple is no longer the World’s Most Valuable brand. According to yesterday’s release of Millward Brown report on the top brands, namely Top 100 Brandz, Google has taken the top post with a brand valuation of $159 billion up by 40%, while Apple’s brand value decline 20% to $148 billion year-over-year.

Millward Brown says the recent lack of innovation is what ultimately cost Apple the number 1 spot in the popular ranking. Google on the other hand is seen as “making-dreams-come-true-type company”, which helped its brand value to thrive. Just look at your newsfeed.

Other tech companies are are IBM and Microsoft, ranked third and fourth, respectively. It is apparently the innovation within Big Blue as a services company has helped it maintain brand value, while Microsoft’s continued fight has helped it gain 29% to punch in at $90 billion.

See below an infographic courtesy of Statista.

Infographic: Google Dethrones Apple as Most Valuable Brand | Statista
You will find more statistics at Statista

Am tempted to ask how the local tech brands will do on this ranking, seeing none is Top100Brandz and we have not seen much innovation (forgive the pun intended). Will the brand with the most “making-things-happen!” portfolio please stand up?

Infographic credit: Statista & Image credit: Mashable