We Can Relax, No More ‘Flappy Bird!’

Courtesy: Android Arcade
Courtesy: Android Arcade

Never has a bird been as annoying as latest eradicated sensation, Flappy Bird. It is a very simple format. All you have to do is guide a red bird over a set of green pipes, scoring a point for each pipe you cross.

However, it is not as easy to play as it sounds. Raking in over 50 million downloads since last May, and over 50,000 reviews on mobile app stores, everybody seems frustrated at playing it because of how hard it is to actually ‘fly’ the bird over every pipe. Like life isn’t stressful enough. But I guess that’s where the game hit the right spot.

Despite the frustration, it had been admitted by many that the game was highly addictive and had given tough competition to other apps like Candy Crush (which I can’t seem to pass level 34) and Angry Birds.

It has been all the rave on social media, especially on Twitter, and the hashtag #FlappyBird has some pretty hilarious tweets from players worldwide accompanying it as they vent and rant about it.

Unfortunately, the stress levels can now come back to normal because the creator has decided to pull it off the market. The Vietnamese owner, Dong Nguyen, said last Saturday that he would pull it down for good without really giving an explanation, and true to his word he has done it. While  Dong was making something like $50, 000 a day from in-app advertisement, he says that he could not deal with the stress any more. Word in blogosphere is that he got multiple death threats after announcing that he would take down the app. We can now only imagine the withdrawal symptoms that avid players are suffering from right now.

Pretty soon we imagine people getting over Flappy Bird and being addicted to the next big app innovation. That’s just how flappy things can get. We will wait and see the next app that will rise to rule…


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