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Camera360 review

camera 360

There are so many camera apps for mobile devices that enhance the way your photos look and allow you to share them to other social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter  but we took  a look at one that is getting increasingly popular, Camera360.

It’s a free app of only 3.74MB on Google Play Store and has over 250 million users worldwide so it is a very highly successful app. Knowing humans, they would’t download it that many times unless word of mouth (or text) said it was that good.

It has some really cool effects to choose from and recently it has undergone changes that allow it to suit emerging markets. They have streamlined it to make it easy on your data bundles.

Also it picks up on what kind of photo you’re taking e.g it can  automatically detect when you’re taking a picture at night so you don’t have to bother with settings for your camera.

You can even preview the different types of filters before you actually take the picture. it’s a much better option than having to work on the photo afterwards.

Before, the app had over 8 filter modes and a 100 effects pre-installed which was confusing at first but now they have made it easier  by reducing the number of pre-installed effects so if you need any more all you have to do is install them by yourself for free. There are also  a few paid apps because honestly everyone has to make money.


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