Buy Bus Tickets online with BusticketsZambia.com, courtesy of DotCom Zambia


dotcom With all the various ways eCommerce is evolving, it is no surprise that even buying bus tickets is now in that space too. The popular Zambian online shopping website, DotCom Zambia has expanded further to bus ticketing with Bus Tickets Zambia.

How does it work?

All you have to do is visit the busticketszambia.com website and you will be given options to choose where you want to board a bus from and where you’re heading, as well as on what date.  After filling those spaces in, you then press ‘Search Buses’ to see the list of buses available for that trip.


The list also shows you what the fares are to your destination, what amenities are on board the bus like water or TVs, departure and arrival times, as well as photos of the bus. It also gives you an option to view and choose what seats you want for the trip. However you have to book up until 24 hours before the trip.


How do you pay?

The payment options vary from credit card to mobile money payments. According to the company profile,  ‘a client enters their passenger details and then has to select a
payment method. Tickets Paid for by credit card are issued instantly. If other methods are selected, the customer has 24 hours to complete their mobile money transaction or go to a pay-point, if they are not already at one to make payment.’

Is the information for each bus operator safe?

Yes it is. All the bus companies using busticketzambia.com have separate user accounts, they  can only see the bookings and transactions that apply to their own company, not others, so that information is private to each bus company.

Does bus operator have control over their account?

The individual bus operators have access to their information so when it come to things like viewing seat information so there are no clashes of two people having the same seat number. You can view which seats are sold out already, whether the ticket was bought online or at the bus stop itself. Below is an example of the sitting arrangement and how a bus operator sees it on their account. Seat number 5 is taken so all the other seats are available.


How else can one buy tickets?

There are plans to roll out ticket kiosks that bus operators can sign up for to enable their customers buy bus tickets at stands that are strategically placed without having to go all the way to the bus stop. According to the company profile, in the intial rollout, 20 kiosks will be placed at various affiliate locations (select Post Offices, Cellsite Stores, select supermarkets, select fast food locations) but full rollout will be 100 kiosks across the country.

Bus-ticket Kiosk

The website is currently fully operational but the official launch will be done soon so we will keep you updated.

Image Credit: DotCom Zambia, Bustickets Zambia


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