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BroadPay launches self-service multifunction printers

BroadPay multifunction printer launched at Manda Hill, Lusaka, today ( Image Credit: Broadpay)
Today, BroadPay launched self-service multifunction printers, and its CEO Bright Chinyundu explained to us some of the things you probably want to know about it:
What are all the services offered by the new machines?  
Self-Service in printing, scanning and copying.
One machine has been set up at Manda Hill Mall in Lusaka, but how soon will you expand to other areas? Any timeline? 
It’ll be piloted for 4 weeks there, and thereafter we shall implement phase two of the project which will consist of 50 BroadPay kiosks and any other kiosk that might be purchased by individuals or small businesses.
How much does the service cost per sheet? Are there different paper sizes available? Does that make it cheaper than traditional printing services?
Printing and scanning – K5 per page for color printing only, copying n70 (color).  The size is A4 only. It’s cheaper than traditional printing services. Note that, our services are strictly colour.
What type of payments can be made to access services? Is it cash-into-vending-machine and does it give change, or can one use mobile money to pay?
The machines have cash acceptors, starting from K2 notes so cash-into-vending machine is the most common mode of payment. In the long term, we shall integrate the machines onto the BroadPay payment system so that a user can make a payment through the payment kiosks. The machine does not give change. To use it, a person has to create an account. If they have any leftover money from the service, that change is stored as credit and they can use it to use the service another time, even at another machine. No mobile money is available for now.
How much will it cost an individual to get one right now and start a small business from it?
It cost $7,000 (approx. K 76300 as of 15th June 2016’s on xe.com) per machine.  The machine also has a top screen for adverts so the small business/individual purchasing the machine can use the screen as an additional revenue stream. There are no payment plans currently available to obtain one, it has to be cash at once.
What power does it run on? 
 240V of electric power, but it has a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) backup that last the machine 30 minutes of operation time after electricity is cut off.
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About BroadPay

BroadPay Zambia Limited (trading as Walletone Zambia) is a company that specializes in electronic payments and uses the WalletOne payment system from Russia. WalletOne manages over 10million transactions over 300 000 terminals installed in over 17 countries.


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  • John Chikuba

    Well done Bright, you need to educate and sensitize people. You know in Zambia the masses are computer illiterate and therefor are afraid to use gadgets. You can target colleges and universities also. There you will find users who are more knowledgeable and conversant with IT.

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