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Apple sets iPhone unveiling for September 7th

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Some (lucky American) media outlets are lucky enough to have been invited to the Apple press conference happening on the 7th of September in San Francisco where the world anxiously expects an announcement on the latest iPhone release.

Apple is not expected to make too many changed to what may be the iPhone 7 but will ‘changes to the smartphone are expected to be more minor, such as an improved camera, speakers and start button. The next major overhaul of the smartphone won’t come until 2017, according to Telecompaper.

Some changes we may see on the exterior are less antenna lines, a dual camera system,  no headphone jack audio (to be accessed via earpods), and may be waterproof. We may also see 32GB models. Other expected features are:

  • the screen resolution in the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus will be the same as in the 6s and 6s Plus, unless the 7 gets the resolution of the 6s Plus while the screen in the 7 Plus gets an even better resolution
  •  a 2K AMOLED Force Touch display
  • iPhone 7 will have 2GB RAM while iPhone 7 Plus gets 3GB RAM and new generation A10 processors. This may mean bigger batteries and thus longer battery life.
  • will have a Smart Keyboard connector on the iPhone 7.
  • the antenna bars, which are the white stripes seen on top and bottom of iPhone 6s and 6s Plus rear, will be removed and placed as curves on edges as shown below:

    Source: MacRumors

The above is the popular concept image of the iPhone 7, which was rumored to be called the iPhone Pro, as shared earlier.

We’ll have to wait and see the official specifications.


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