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Apple makes iOS 11 official at #WWDC2017

Credit: The Next Web

At the World Wide Developers conference 2017, #WWDC2017, Apple has announced its latest operating system, iOS 11, and here’s what’s new with it:

  • Apple Pay has been integrated in to iMessage so users can transfer money between one contact to another.
  • Siri has been adjusted to sound more ‘human‘ and will be able to translate some phrases into other languages (the latter part is still in beta testing mode).
  • Apple users can now view notifications and settings by swiping the phone screen down to bring up the lock screen and then swiping across it to access their notifications, or access their settings menu by swiping the screen upwards.
  • when taking Live videos users can choose the frame as the still for it, and videos will now use HEVC compression instead of H.264, for up to double the compression rate, to give more crisp videos. Photos will now have more filters and will also have high compression technology to enable high quality photos for half the size they were before.
  • Apple Maps has gotten a revamp in iOS 11, with detailed mall and airport locations (with security check-point locations), navigation now has a speed limit alert, which hopefully drivers pay attention to, and comes with a “Do Not Disturb” mode normally will block incoming notifications and turn off the screen, or can be set to send configured automatic responses to anyone trying to contact the user to let them know he/she is driving.
  • The App Store has gotten a makeover, having a new Today tab that shows the newest apps. There will be dedicated ‘Games‘ and ‘Apps‘ tabs to make it easier to find the apps users need.
  • The biggest news is that iOS will now have a file manager, Files app, where users can see recent files and search for others, and set view grid options. (No, Android users, they didn’t have this feature before!)

iOS11 is available for developers starting today and will be publicly beta by the end of June. More updates to follow…


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