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Apple iPad Air 2 and Mini 3 Images Leaked!


Apple is set to showcase something new today but it seems the images of what that is have already leaked on iTunes.

Images showed up on the iOS user guide yesterday of the two iPads on iTunes as shown below:


Both iPads are seen to have Touch ID sensors which will only allow a user to unlock their device by reading their recorded finger print(s).

The front camera has been made an HD one to give clearer pictures than most on the market, dubbing it FaceTime HD camera, perfect for people who actually use FaceTime. FaceTime lets you make video calls over Wi-Fi or cellular networks to other iOS users who have it activated . FaceTime allows you to switch to the rear camera to let the person you’re calling also see what you’re looking at.

The iPad Air 2 also seems to be getting a camera upgrade according to the leaked user guide about taking Burst Shots that will allow you to take rapid successive shots at once: 


Apple has since pulled the images off iTunes but not before people already saw the pictures. The live stream of the launch will happen today so we’ll be keeping a close eye on it for you.


All the full features will be discussed after the event. For now we can only speculate that the upgrades to the iPad Air 2 are more than those made to the iPad Mini 3, meaning Apple wants to make more sales from the Air 2 than the other.

Image Credits: MacRumors, t3




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