Airtel Zambia’s award bashed: “You skeem we feel lakka?”

Yesterday Airtel shared with us how they had won the award for being the “Most Customer-Focused Organization” in the ICT sector in Zambia at the Zambia Institute of Β Customer Management awards and our readers tuned saaat!

We’re on the fence here because:

  1. Β We’ve never heard of these awards. You?
  2. We weren’t invited so we couldn’t go on Facebook Live and show you reactions in real-time, which as we have now heard, included loud booing at Airtel as they received the award.

After publishing the blog to our social media the comments and tweets came a-rolling, generally in negatives, prompting this post because not a single person who responded thinks the company deserved it. Bummer!



I could go on and on, but clearly the people skeem it’s not lakka that Airtel got this award. It’s now up to Airtel to prove people wrong and get, uhm, more customer-focused?


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