Airtel Zambia is launching 4G/LTE connectivity

You’ve probably been getting this message when you dial *575# and choose option 2. 4G 1GB Offer, so I chatted with Airtel’s Corporate Communications’ Yuyo Nachali-Kambikambi about what this is all about:

Is Airtel definitely finally launching 4G/LTE network, when should we expect it?

Yes, we are definitely launching 4G/LTE this coming October.

Is the SIM swap service – in exchange for a 4G SIM and 1GB of data – currently available

Yes the SIM swap service is currently being undertaken country wide and Airtel customers will enjoy 1GB free data upon SIM swap if one has a 4G enabled device to enjoy the service.

What are the expectations for Airtel’s business regarding this new technology? And can
the company assure subscribers that they will access it all at once, once rolled out?

Airtel has always emphasized the fact that in all our efforts, we endeavour to give customers an excellent user experience therefore with the coming on of 4G this means we are bringing faster speeds and convenience for them to enjoy better experience of content from You Tube and Netflix to mention a few. In the same vein,
Airtel will be introducing home broad band internet devices like Mi-Fi’s and Routers for the customers to enjoy faster internet speed in the comfort of their homes at a much affordable rate.

With the combined roll-out of 4G and the increment in excise tax on mobile operators to
17%, should we expect an increase in data prices from Airtel? Any assurances?

All technology has challenges and this is the reason why Airtel has taken its time in introducing 4G because we have endeavoured to ensure seamless experience after deployment.

No, you should not expect any increment in data prices in spite of the increased excise tax. To the contrary, what customers should expect the same and a much lower price on the home broad band solutions.


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  • So Airtel you mean,a 4G subscriber only receives once the same 1GB data bundle upon changing from 3G to 4G?Can one subscribe to the same again?

    • The 1GB data bundle is complimentary/free upon swapping your 3G SIM for a 4G one. To get another 1GB bundle, you’d have to buy one through their *575# portal

  • Zengani Mbambara

    Sandi thank you for this post … Do you have a Twitter ? And by any chance do you know what areas are covered?

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