Airtel, MTN named World Champion companies by Citigroup

mtn-airtel-zambiaCitigroup, the American multinational financial services group, last week compiled a list of the best performing companies globally that they refer to as the World Champions list. The list is nominated by Citi analysts and selected by a committee.

MTN, one of the few companies in Africa that to grow to global significance, is one of the companies listed by Citigroup. They are the only African company listed. Other names from developing markets include Bharti Airtel – an Indian founded but now global telecoms company. Like MTN, Airtel has operations in Zambia.

Other recognisable tech names on the list are the obvious ones; Apple, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, ARM, eBay, Oracle, Qualcomm , VMware and Tata.

To be on the list, a company has to fulfill the following 3 things:

  • Have market capitalisation of at least US $3 billion
  • Have top market share across the majority of their businesses
  • Have significant revenue coming from outside their home market.

You can see the full list of the 50 companies here.