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Are smart objects making us dumber?

Are smart objects making us dumber-

It seems everything is getting smarter, but how smart are we ourselves getting?

True, smart objects are just the idea of bringing things around us literally into the palm of our hands through our . It’s the thought of not having to use our brains that much to do tasks we used to do before that much that’s a little scary for most.

As we evolve to the era of IoT (Internet of Things) less and less is being taught that’s manual. Everything will be done at the push of a button, or automated by itself due to some pre-installed settings that you trust will send a command to a device/machine.

Your mind will not have to focus on it.

Are we growing a brainless society? Not at all. The only difference is they have to learn to handle the new technology, while others more tech unsavvy beings watch with fear and ignorance, fighting for the old school method of doing things.

Don’t worry old school-ers (no, not scholars), your ways will not be wiped out entirely because, hey, machines fail. Don’t get me started on the electricity supply issues Zambia is currently facing that means some machines without solar power or generator power supply can not run to begin with. Another win for manual labour loving mankind!

Just because things are getting smarter does not mean there is no need for brain power. We still have to think and figure out some of the new technology coming out, and even though it works for us, we have to work for it. Who has to push the ‘Power’ button? Yeah, you can insert the evil smile here…

The power is in our our hands. I need to quit the puns some day – and technology will stop at nothing to make sure mankind gets the most out of previously dumb objects.

Imagine a world where your bed makes itself,  wait, that already exists, or where your chopping board tells you how many tomatoes you need to cut for a certain number of people. Uhm, yeah, just checked and smart chopping boards actually already exist too. I’m done with examples.

Point is, no we won’t get dumber, we just have dumb objects getting smart with us… Are you afraid? Why?


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