Airtel Money Sacks Boss… Finally!

Daniel_MutalaDaniel Mutala, well-known across the industry as the Airtel Money Corporate Manager, in charge of operations, commercial and other aspects of the business, was sacked on the 7th of January. This is now public knowledge as advertised today in The Post (pictured below).

Apparently, according to our sources, some time late last year Mutala was caught on surveillance video at a client’s premises in a Boardroom stealing cash amounting to 2, 000 Euros. The Clients in their all-trusting manner had left a bag with money unattended, and as soon as Mutala was alone, his curiosity got the better of him and he went through the bag, where he found many notes in Euros and figured they would not be missed.

Like any well-meaning kleptomaniac, he took the money at first instinct. Many would think he needed it for the Festive Season, but a well-remunerated leader in business would think twice about that. For him it was probably just another day at the office.

After the incident, he was arrested with the incriminating evidence being the CCTV footage. This prompted his employers to investigate him further, given he is the admin for Airtel Money. We can conclude his house was not in order – thus he has been sacked.

Many questions can be asked by customers, regulators and interest groups on the operations of Airtel Money. We hope the investigation reveals that the integrity of the product was not compromised.

Lesson for all: the road to making money is long and tedious with very few moments of clarity for one to innovate and make an impact in the industry. Temptations to cut corners are abundant. Only with focus, energy, and ethics can one avoid being publicly shamed in the paper as a criminal suspect.