ACCA Zambia takes more accounting online amidst COVID-19 pandemic

In response to the Statutory Instruments issued by the Ministry of Health that were necessitated by COVID-19, ACCA Zambia reassured its stakeholders of a series of measures to support its members, students and partners. The Ministry instructed the closure of all learning institutions including all the ACCA Zambia Learning Partners.

ACCA Zambia Country Head, Janice Matwi said “We realise this situation has already been disruptive to many across the globe and wanted to share what ACCA is doing to support all that are directly affected. We’re all in this together

Mrs Matwi emphasised that ACCA in Zambia iscurrently operating within official guidelines as to support its members as well as other stakeholders, and as far as possible continues, business as usual.She highlighted that ACCA Zambia has numerous study resources available, plus many of its Approved Learning Partners are also offering online learning.

Students are also encouraged to progress towards their ACCA qualification by completing ourEthics and Professional Skills module (EPSM) under e-learning and takes around 20 hours to complete with a fully integrated assessment.

Mrs Matwi highlighted the measures ACCA Zambia is taking:

 Launched a COVID-19 online resources hub – we’ve brought together some useful resources to help our stakeholders deal with the impacts and implications. We’ll be keeping this page updated: www.accaglobal.com/covid-19

 Boosting online of CPD and webinars for members. 
 As per the advice issued by the Ministry of Health, all planned CPD events have now been postponed. New dates will be announced soon. 
 We’ve decided to boost online learning support for students. https://www.accaglobal.com/gb/en/cam/coronavirus/students-covid19.htm
 We’re working closely with all our learning partners to ensure the health and safety of our students and tutors. We’re encouraging learning partners to keep supporting students through online methods.
 Our next exams are in June 2020, and we also have computer-based exams (CBEs) on demand. But we’ll continue to monitor the situation very closely and will take any relevant measures in line with the advice of our partners and local agencies. We commit to alerting you if any major changes happen – by email, text, social media pages and through myACCA portalFull statement on exams on ACCA Global website as well as ACCA Zambia social media pages on Facebook and Linkedin.
 We have effected a temporary closure of our offices will be closed from the 25th of March 2020. For support, contact us on +260965584620 / +260975195706 or email maambo.michelo@accaglobal.com

We encourage all our stakeholders to please follow all the precautions prescribed by the World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health. 

Source: ACCA Zambia