8 practical tips for getting likes on Instagram

Do you also think that getting likes on Instagram is not that important? After all, “likes don’t pay for tickets”, right? Well, this is a very common idea.

Just getting likes may not be as relevant, but that number has its importance. Liking increases content delivery: if a user tends to like posts from a profile, the Instagram algorithm tends to show more posts from that account to him/her.

Tracking the number of likes over time and in conjunction with other metrics helps to measure your profile growth and engagement.

For that reason, we have separated some practical tips for gaining free Instagram likes. But we are already going to emphasize one fundamental: it is fundamental not to buy fake followers!

  1. Know your audience to generate content that really matters

Earning likes on Instagram depends on creating content that users really like. That means you must know what they like!

It seems a little obvious, but many brands do not realize that they are publishing content that does not interest their audience. In this way, they do not gain engagement, nor do they attract potential customers.

It is necessary to know your followers, their interests, behaviors, pains, and needs.

Instagram itself offers reports on the audience (location, gender, age), but you also find valuable data on Google Analytics with even more details.

  1. Fancy aesthetics to stimulate interactions

Instagram is an extremely visual social network. Do you know that image that makes us stop scrolling in the feed so impressive? The tanning happens right away!

For this reason, be careful with the look of the publications. When taking a photo, take care of the light, the angle, the frame, and the effects.

When creating a card, take care of the combinations, the alignments, the visual hierarchy. Also think about the visual unity between the posts, which generates a more organized and attractive feed.

  1. Comply with the frequency and constancy planned for the content

Keeping the frequency of posts also helps you get likes on Instagram. On the other hand, if you go two months without publishing, Instagram reduces the delivery of the next posts and, consequently, the engagement drops.

  1. Choose hashtags that suit your purpose

Well-chosen hashtags can give likes a boost. This is because they attract users who search for the hashtag in the search or follow posts with that hashtag. They can make you gain followers on Instagram and increase engagement.

But to attract users with the persona profile, you need to use hashtags from your niche. If not, you attract new followers who will not engage or convert. Also, do not overdo the number of hashtags, as it can be seen as spam.

  1. Interact with your followers to encourage future interactions

Don’t leave your followers in a vacuum! If they like your content it’s because they like your brand. And if you value these interactions, they tend to enjoy it even more!

So, interact! Respond to comments and messages, like followers’ posts and enjoy the content they publish.

Post to your account those posts that mention your brand – it shows that you value followers and still generate social proof.

  1. Know when your audience is online to post at certain times

The greatest number of likes and interactions with the posts happens as soon as they are published. This means that if you post when there are more followers online, you are more likely to get likes on Instagram!

  1. Partner to reach a new audience

Partnerships with other accounts help bring more stakeholders to your profile. Here’s another opportunity to get more likes on Instagram.

A brand or an influencer who has an audience profile similar to your persona can bring in an engaged audience that tends to trust your brand, since it is aligned with a profile that followers already trust.

But choose a reliable partner, who has the same values ​​as your brand, to add value to your image, instead of harming it.

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Ready to get likes on Instagram and pump your profile?

Now it’s up to you! We have already given the tips and that has already helped us a lot to get likes on Instagram, but also to improve the engagement and performance of the profile in general.