Multichoice welcomes Netflix in Zambia


There have been many opinions about the arrival of online TV streaming service Netflix and that it will kill off satellite tv service DStv supplied by Multichoice Zambia so we asked Multichoice what it thinks.

MultiChoice Zambia Acting General Manager Ngoza Kasunga Matakala responded saying, “MultiChoice Africa welcomes competition in the video entertainment industry as it believes that it benefits the consumer as well as the production industries. Ultimately, television viewers will benefit through the additional volume and diversity of content that will be distributed on different platforms in the market”.

Multichoice’s DStv Catch Up service offers Premium and Compact subscribers the ability to catch up on their favourite shows whenever it suits them. The Catch Up catalogue on the DStv Explora offers a very similar experience to Internet on-demand entertainment services, while the DStv Catch Up content is also accessible via the DStv Now app on smartphones and tablets enabling subscribers to watch content while they are on the go, or even to stream many of the popular DStv channels live. Live sport is also available the SuperSport app. The DStv Explora also offers the BoxOffice service where subscribers can rent the latest blockbuster movies either via their Explora or online.

It’s clear they welcome Netflix saying “We believe it’s good news that we have new players in the market who’ll generate interest in Internet TV. This is a new segment in Africa and will assist in the understanding of new technology and what subscription video on demand is and how it works. There are many smaller operators in this area already available and others who have plans to also enter the market in the near future.”

“The differentiator like all video entertainment providers either on satellite or DTT or via Internet are the ability to deliver content that appeals to subscribers in the markets. What has been seen in USA and Europe is that people often subscribe to more than one service, so it’s not an either-or situation with Internet TV,” she added.

Ms Matakala also said that MultiChoice services also give subscribers flexibility in price and choice without compromising quality or variety. Netflix may seem cheaper for its monthly subscription at $7.99 per month, but the cost of data bundles to be able to stream the service at all is still quite high in Zambia.

What are Zambians’ thoughts on Netflix so far? Here are some tweets:


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