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6 tips to save your phone’s battery power during load-shedding

6 tips to save phone battery power

The load-shedding schedule is craaazy!!! So I whipped up 6 tricks (that work) to conserve your phone’s battery.

  1. Turn off your mobile data when you don’t need it. Avoid using apps like Skype or Instagram as these use up heavy volumes of data and have a negative effect on your battery life.
  2. Lower your screen’s resolution to a brightness you can bear. Higher screen brightness levels drain your battery.
  3. Reduce the time it takes for your screen to time-out to as low as 5 seconds.
  4. Disable features like your GPS functionality as it works in the background to locate your mobile wherever you go with it, draining your battery in the process.
  5. Turn on your power saving mode if available. It optimizes the use of your phone’s applications to minimal levels. Some phones have ultra power-saving modes so turn that on to save so much more of your battery.
  6. Get an original power bank from a trusted source if you heavily use your phone, because unoriginal ones may affect your battery by discharging instead of charging it. It may also wear out your battery faster than with normal use.  Make sure you charge it well ahead of whenever load-shedding might be.


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