2016 Internet Trends by Mary Meeker

Internet Trends 2016
Internet Trends 2016

The 2016 internet trends reports, must read for anyone who is the business of the internet. That includes (deep breath) social media managers, web developers, mobile app developers, UI and UX developers, network engineers, programmers, cyber security, i.e everyone who reads TechTrends! For anyone who does not know Mary Meeker click here for her Wikipedia entry; she releases annual insights into trends online and her views are well-respected.

The video is a 24 minute summary of her internet trends report. We picked out the main points and have summarised them below:

  • Global internet user growth is flat at 9% year on year
  • India surpassed the USA as the second largest internet user base behind China
  • Smartphone user growth is slowing down, down to 21% from 30% year on year growth
  • The main reason for the global slowdown is due to macroeconomic factors including, low commodity prices and increased government debt
  • Facebook and Google account for 76% of the US internet ad growth
  • Mobile ads grew by 66% compared to just 5% for desktop ads
  • Messaging apps are taking over the home screen on mobile devices
  • The typical mobile user has 33 apps installed but spend 80% of their time between the following, WhatsApp, Facebook or Chrome
  • Online video advertising is ineffective with
    • 81% of viewers muting the video
    • 62% are annoyed with the videos
    • 93% of users are considering ad blocking software
  • 420 million people are now using ad blocking software on their mobile devices, up 100% from the previous year

For anyone who really wants to know their bits from their bytes, we have included the full pdf below (213 pages).

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Source: KPCB
Image Source: Youtube