Zuku TV Comes To Zambia!


Let’s be honest and agree that local TV programming leaves your hairline invisible from all the frustrational pulling it endures. That’s why almost everyone is investing in a TV box that has other channels on it.

We have DSTv, GoTV, Strong, even a Muvi TV box that try to offer variety when it comes to channel choices. Another contender joining the match is Zuku, an entertainment service that offers TV facilities.

Zuku is a digital TV offer that has been launched in Zambia, with Strong Zambia as its sole distributor. It promises HD (high definition) channels for your viewing pleasure. It has over 20 channels and comes with 2 types of subscription offers. The first is Zuku Classic which has over 40 channels and is priced at K70, while the other is Zuku Premium which has over 100 channels and is priced at K140. There’s an additional package called the Asian buy-through for K105 that can only be purchased after buying one of the two main plans, and it offers over 20 channels.

The TV box is currently being sold at a launch price of K599 so if you’re interested you may want to buy it before the offer expires. That offer also includes free installation and a month’s Zuku Premium subscription free.

The Zuku brand is currently in Malawi, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and now Zambia and has two (2) offerings, digital TV and fiber connectivity. However the fiber connection is only available in Nairobi and Mombasa in Kenya. Hopefully, it gets to other countries as well. It’s about time the internet and TV service providers  in Zambia got some competition.

The channels you should expect to watch include Fox Entertainment, FX, BET, E! Entertainment, Star Plus, Colors and SAB; MTV Base, Nickelodeon, KidsCo, Fashion One, Viasat’s four documentary channels, Nat Geo Adventure, Fine Living Network, MGM Channel, Zee Cinema, African Movie Channel Zuku TV but you can see the full list here.

You can get a Zuku TV box in Zambia at any of the places listed here. Payment for Zuku can be done via the mobile money service Zoona or at specific Strong Technologies outlets.

However it is important to note the trusted dealers who sell this TV box. Buying from unauthorized ones may create problems when it comes to support from the main distributor as they may not help you.

If you have purchased it, what are your comments so far? Let us know below.

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13 thoughts on “Zuku TV Comes To Zambia!

  • ordenasius chanka

    Who is the authorised dealer in KITWE

  • killian ashukile nyambe

    your advertisement is not strong such that i had to google to reach this end

  • killian ashukile nyambe

    I am the CCTV Controller at Radisson Blu Hotel.

    I like what you are offering and the monopoly of the obvious- the days are numbered- mark my word.

    It is therefore, desirable for me to scout for money so that I can join the band wagon- trust me

  • Am a mwinilunga resident who purchesed this product from a local dealer nearly 3 month ago.I can’t still get the product till now making me questioning how serious this firm is.I need a reply from who is responsible or take this issue to the online media.

  • dstv has exploited us enough through exorbitant charges. Am going ZUKU beginning August and I hope i wont be disappointed! We need competition in this industry!

    • Thankfully more options are coming in for all types of customers…

  • chidakwa oliver

    The product is good but you repeat the same movie on all channels in a day and that’s making it boring especially action everyday watching same things, no. No no no no! Make it more exciting please.

  • Charles Kabango

    Please advise on how to become an sales agent for your products and/or services

    • Hi Charles, you would have to find out from any service centre that sells Zuku or Strong decoders. Have a good day

  • Charles Kabango

    Please advise how to become a sales agent for your products and/or services

  • sikombe saviour

    am interested in zukutv this time around,my favourite program is wrestling wwe do u have it in entertainment chanels

  • Charles Kabango

    Distributor or agency prospects in Luanshya on the Copperbelt

  • Ok zuku needs more intensive marketing, I got disconnected without getting a notification. So I knew I was disconnected, so asked my sis to pay for me but for three days in a roll they was no net work. Went to Zoona & still no network. Asked the locals if try knew any zuku office but the said that they haven’t heard if them & some didn’t even know what Zuku was. Zuku has a lot of East African channels which I don’t see fit to us here is Zambia, they have to make a package which is specifically for Zambia as a region. But despite radio ads running they have to carry out serious marketing strategy they will be surprised with the huge response they will get.

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