ZICTA ICT Forum is on…Are You Going?

ZICTA_Business Forum_2013
ZICTA Billboard for ICT Business Forum 2013

The Event is a participants and exhibitors forum for ICT sector players. The ZICTA website describes the event as “an annual event, whose aim is to establish an environment where ICT players across sectors can meet to exchange ideas and gain new knowledge through networking. The theme for the 2013 Forum is “Convergence of ICTs and business innovation towards sustainable economic development.” The Forum will comprise of interactive and insightful panel discussions,work-labs with business facilitators as well as exhibitions that will provide an opportunity for businesses to establish contacts and a strong rapport with potential partners as well as assist to build brand awareness.”

 We hope a number of people will attend this event, priced at K800, and that the brilliant minds of the industry who lead in innovation and thought-leadership will find time out of their busy schedules.

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