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Zamtel: On How It Is Defying Gender Inequality In Telecoms

In a statement issued by Zamtel Acting Corporate Affairs Manager, Ndela Sichizya, here is how the company is defying gender inequality in telecoms:

“We wish to inform the women and the general public that we have established and uphold policies that champion equal opportunities for women in the highly technical field of Telecoms.


Zamtel operates in a sector where women are often underrepresented and we could somewhat be bundled in that generalization of the Industry statistics. As an organization, we have our own unique gender identity that represents our effort to reduce inequity in terms of our day-to-day professional work experience and opportunities for women.


As we commemorate International Women’s Day this month, under the theme, “Gender Equality Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow” we are drawn to look at what strides we have made in reducing the inequality and biases that are prevalent in the Industry. Zamtel currently employs 106 women, representing 31% of the total staff complement of which 14 of them are in the Technical Department. In further recognizing women as equal partners in the running of the Telecom Business, 21 of them hold senior roles in Supervisory and Management levels including the Executive Committee.


We have very clear policies on recruitment, performance management, reward and recognition which do not exclude or disadvantage any woman in any way. There are other policies in place that ensure the rights and welfare of women are always upheld and protected.


Zamtel recognizes this year’s theme as a very important one and serves as a reminder of the cultural inequities that continue to play out around the technical fields.


We are here to pledge our continued commitment to ensure we drive Gender Equality for a Sustainable Tomorrow.”

Source: Zamtel