Zamtel adjusts prices

Zamtel has today announced that it has made some adjustments to the pricing of its products and services in order to continue providing quality services to its customers.

The adjustment which affects its data and voice services has been effected after consultation with stakeholders.

Chief Executive Officer Mr. Sydney Mupeta said the adjustments have been done in response to the prevailing market conditions.

He added that while some of the prices have been adjusted upwards, some prices have been adjusted downwards in order to align the pricing with the available offers on the market.

Mr. Mupeta further said some additional benefits on selected offers have been introduced.
“You will recall that a number of fundamentals have changed in the market and as such in order for us to continue providing quality service to our customers, it has become necessary to align our pricing,” he said.

“I’m sure most of our customers have noticed a huge improvement in customer experience for both our data and voice services. This is due to massive investment that the company has made on its network. We will continue investing on the network in order to provide quality service to our customers,” he added.

He said at the moment Zamtel has the largest network coverage in the country.

Mr. Mupeta emphasized that even with the adjustment to its prices, Zamtel still remains the most affordable network in the country.

“We want to assure our customers that despite the changes to the prices, Zamtel remains the most affordable and reliable network in the country.
Zamtel has in the recent years invested over $280m to erect more than 1000 towers across the country as well as modernize its network. The investment has resulted in an increase in the number of 4G, 3G and 2G sites across the country. The increase in sites has led to better customer experience across the network.”

“As a customer centric organization, we will keep finding solutions that contribute to improving customer experience while providing affordable service,” he stated.

Mr. Mupeta asked Zamtel customers to look out for exciting offers which include its newly introduced Gift Wallet packages.

Source: Zamtel