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Zambian Event and Social Networking App, Giglea, Launched

Image Source: Giglea Twitter page

Last night we attended the launch of yet another innovative Zambian app, Giglea, and chatted with co-founder Anthony Musaluke about its creation and purpose.

He called the app a ‘social networking app with a spin’. Its purpose is to encourage more people to link up at events in person, rather than being present on social media as is the case with users of most apps lately.

Giglea brings the virtual community to life, by letting them know what events are happening and where, and allow users to invite others to attend them.

The app also addresses the hassle that most people have with finding out where events taking place at  a particular time are, with some having to call their friends to get that information. Giglea will show you the closest events around you, expanding  to events happening at a distance depending on what location you’re searching for.

It gives a chance for fundraising events to be held virtually as well, for example, women who want to raise money for a kitchen party can create the event in Giglea and then ask for pledges from the invited guests. Payments are only now being done via PayPal, but Anthony promised that they will incorporate mobile money and other epayment methods as well soon. Corporate organizations can also use the app to schedule events even months ahead, with graphic and other support provided by Giglea’s developers.

Events on Giglea self destruct after they are over, or if the creator leaves the venue as the app senses that you have left. (If you create the event, don’t leave before the party is full. You’re welcome!). However, the event creator can still see a history of the event and who attended.

Giglea also has a ratings feature that allows gig goers to score how good events were. It helps give feedback to creators to help them plan their next events better.

All one has to do is download the Giglea app and create a profile. For those who don’t have the app but get invited by a user, they will be redirected to the app store to get the app as well and create a profile, and then accept the invitation to a gig.

Currently, Giglea is only available for iOS 7 and above, and will be available for Android in about 3 months, according to Anthony.

For more about the app, follow Giglea on Twitter here, or view the video below:


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