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Zambia Weekly Social RoundUp

Weekly Roundup

From Nipple-gate to International Women’s Day, it’s impossible to say that this week wasn’t a busy one. The great thing about our world is that life goes on. But before it does, let’s pause for a little and reflect on this week’s happenings and how they affected Zambia.

First there is the epic selfie of the year taken by Ellen’s sponsored Samsung Galaxy S5 at the 2014 Oscars on Monday morning, “their” Sunday night. This matters to us because it shows just what lessons Zambia could learn when organising and conducting awards shows. Spontaneity is the secret.

On Tuesday, we had the opportunity to be part of BongoHive’s Meet The Industry #BHMTI event for writers where our managing editor was one of the speakers. It was great to have a meet-up with other writers and talk about recording a historically correct account of Zambia. More information can be found here.

The highlight of our Month is Startup Hour, so far. We always look forward to Startup Hour because it’s nothing like anything else. Like-minded people all under one roof networking in order to make a difference somehow- either in their lives or somebody else’s. Best of all, this month featured famed local musician, Chaka Nyathanda a.k.a. Pompi. Interestingly, a former featured guest from January Startup Hour, Sean Dearham, also made an appearance at the same event. This goes to show that the connections made at Startup Hour can live on.

Then Yagemuka Mahala was launched on Wednesday. A promotion by Zamtel which gives 100 MB, 100 minutes for 100 days. Watch out for the triple threat! All you need to do is dial *335*1# to take advantage if you are a Zamtel subscriber.

And then came along Nipple-gate. By the end of the week it had gone as far as boob grabbage. The Post Newspaper was all too eager to show the public the pictures in full view. The weekend post also had something quite shocking on its coverpage of an upcoming musician touching herself in front of the East Point audience. No comment.

Finally, we have arrived! What better way to end the week than celebrating the most precious treasures of the world, women! In honour of the 2014 theme – Inspiring Change- women across the globe are boldly embracing their culture and moving forward. Working together cannot be emphasized enough because a house divided falls, this applies to movements as well. It is such a breath of fresh air to see unique events, like the Girl Rising movie being organised by Asikana Network in collaboration with Alchemy Women in Leadership, being shown in Lusaka to commemorate #IWD2014, other than marching with banners in the street or wherever. The country has been marching since Independence Day in 1964 for goodness sake it is time for something different. Inspire the future generation, keep them guessing! Inspire change!