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What people think of Twitter’s possible new 10k character limit

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Just how much do you want to read in one tweet on your timeline?

It looks like Twitter might be increasing its character limit from 140 to 10000, which we think will make it lose its uniqueness of being one of the social apps that promote users getting to their point in as few words as possible.

Granted, there are some users who might find this useful like to share stories or news, and Twitter will only allow users to see the first 140 characters anyway so they can choose to continue reading the rest of the tweet or not.

Many users aren’t too thrilled by the idea of their witty-in-brief and to-the-the-point medium turning into another version of Facebook that allows for far longer statuses to be shared.

Re/Code reported the Twitter character limit increase news and stated that the launch of it is likely to be around the end of the first quarter of 2016. Twitter has a character limit of 10000 in its direct messages so this is probably just an expansion of that limit to its main feed.

So Twitter users (tweeps) have been giving their views on what the new Twitter with a 10000 character limit will look like, and it’s a long (even funny) read:

You can see the conversation about #Twitter10k here.


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